Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Osdorp Posse - Orgineel Amsterdams

In the eighties I was a big fan of Osdorp Posse. The song is totally in Dutch, and If you understand Duch you find the tekst maybe a little bit rude so if it is I'm very sorry for that. But I want to share some music from my youth with ya all. Funny that my kids and lots of other teenagers love Osdorps Posse to.

In de jaren 80 was ik een grote fan van Osdorps Posse. Liedje is op zijn "Amsterdams" en wellicht vind je de tekst te grof. Sorry daarvoor maar ik wilde graag dit liedje uit mijn jeugd met jullie delen. Vind je het niks gewoon niet op de link klikken. Misschien herken je het en vond je het zelf vroeger ook leuk!
Orgineel Amsterdams

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dresses, dresses I love Dresses.

I love dresses. For a few years ago I daily wear them, but pants are more practicle in daily life so I switched over to pants. But I miss wearing my dresses so for 2011 I decided to wear a dress or skirt once a week.
First I have to make some new. But wich one? There is so much choise and I can't make them all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all a happy, healthy and awesome 2011. I hope that all your wishes may come true.
Hugs and Kisses,


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