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On this page there will be loads and loads of links.
Do you have a great link or have you made an awesome tuto of DIY? Please tell me and I will add yours too. You can find the MaksiTaksi tuto's here: MaksiTaksi Tuto's

Applique Links
Free Applique
Raw-Edge Appliqué Tips & Free Pattern
Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Bill

All Kind of Bag Patterns
Free Buttercup Pattern
Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants
Fabric Basket Tutorial
Tuto Fabric Basket
Another Fabric Basket
Fat Quarter Handbag
Make A Bag Sew Along
Classic Messenger Bag
Phoebe Bag
Reversible Tote Bag
Simple party Clutch
Storage Baskets
Trim Box Tuto
Weekend Designer
Cosmetic Bag
Paper Wine Bag
Cereal Box Tote
Cassette Tape Ipod Cozy
Casette Tape Wallet
Bacon and Egg Tote Bag 
Placemat Purse 
Sweater Bag 
I spy bags 
Tuto's from A Very Purple Person

Budget Living
Poppy Talk Budget Living
Handspun Reclycled News Paper
Magazine Bowls
How to recycle and reuse crayons
How to reuse toilet rolls
Make Lidded Box Candles from finds
Vinegar as stain remover
Plastic Bag Fusing Tuto 
Sweater Bag 

Candle Making

Polymer Clay Fruit Food Picks

Crafty Tuto's and Patterns
Antique Cake Stand
Ariadne at HOme (Dutch)
Crafty Cake Stand
Crayon Roll Holder
DIY Doll House
Fabric Bulletin Board
Luggage Tags
Hanging Bed Organizer
Make Pencil Bag OUt Of Juice Bags
DIY Blinds
DIY Modge Podge Look A Like Glue
Match Box Organizer
Tuto Mini Journal NOte Pads
Oven Mitt
Tag Wallet
Pocket Tissue Holder
Vintage Number Coasters
How to make your own perfect Timble
How To make stencils from Freezer paper
DIY Harmonica
Mollie Flowers The Tutorial
Fun Faux Fireflies
Simple Summer Cheries
How to make a happy girl
DIY Sidewalk Chalk
How to make Ojo De Dios or God's Eye
Fathers Day Gifts ( for kids to make)
Magnets and Magnet holder
Rubber Stamping on Fabric

Tree Frog
Munro bag
Owl Eye Mask

Please tell me your favo comminitie and I add it

Free Doll Patterns
Lots of dolls at Nuno Runo
How to Make Runo Dolls
Ginger Bread Man
Rag Doll 1
Wizard Of Ozz Dolls

Free Doll Clothes Patterns and Other Stuff
Baby Born from Wolly (for 43 cm dolls/dutch)

Other Stuff For Barbies
Barbie Tote Bag
Closed Parasol
Furniture for Barbie

Barbie and Tonner Doll Clothes
Hot Little Dress
Vintage Barbie Doll Dress
Pajama for Barbie
Boy Doll Underwear

Games Links and How to's
How to Play Poker Texas Hold 'Em

How to fold a bandana around your head
Make a party hat
Make an Anime hat
Make the ultimate sun hat
Crochet plastic bag hat (this one is fun)
Knitting Scarf Hat
Sew a Chefs hat
Clown Hat Pattern

Lanvin Inspired Bracelet
Wooden Necklaces
Decal Penny Pendants 
Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial (Scrabble Hanger)
Photo Cuffs
Bottle Cap Earrings
Phone Jack Earrings 
Button bracelet/ knopen armband 
Photo frame bracelett 
Make a Hemp necklace 
Easy bead earrings 
Potato Chips Bracelett 
Plastic bag Bracelett
Make a Tooth Brush Bracelett 

Stuffed Animals
Salvage Selvages
Stuffed Toys from Nuno Runo
Wee Bunny
Rockford Red Heel Sock Elephant

Kids Clothes Boys
Boys Belt Tuto
Eddie Cap DIY
Knitted Fish Hat (Dutch)
Lill Boys Tie
Dish Towel Shorts
Tool Belt Tuto

Kids Clothes Girls
Ruffled Halter
Warhol Dress
Bandana Dress

How to Play Guitar at guitar player world

For Babies

Spray Painted Pillows

Pincushion Patterns
Bitty Buf Pin Cushion
Felt Donut Pin Cushion
Personal Pin Pin Cushion
Sewing Kit Pin Cushion
Pin Cushion Organiser
Thumb Needle Holder( EEEEW!!!)

Quilt How To Links
Joining Ends
Mittered Ends

Quilt Patterns Links
Optical Illusion Pattern
Bonnie Hunt Mystery 
Rag Quilt Letters
Patchwork Photo Pattern Maker
Christmas Quilt Patterns
Christmas Advent Calender
Christmas Tree Skirt
Smee Designs
Mini Quilt Patterns
Ticker tape Mini Quilt
Horse Quilt Patterns
Quilt Horse Patterns

Home Made Canned Apple Pie
Home Made Pepper Onion Relish
DIY HOme Made Yoghurt
Tie Cake
Mason Jar Cup Cakes

Sewing How To
How to Create Elastic Shirring
All kind of Cowls
How to take measurements
How to sew on a button
How to mend a ripped seam
How to repair a broken zipper
Replace your missing zipper pull and make an awesome new one
Video Tuto how to patch hole in jeans
Lining repair tutorial
How to hem pants
Video tuto How to hem jeans
How to put side panels in pants 
How to make an apron top 
How do you make bell bottom pants 
Make a dress out of T-shirt 
Make a corset top 
How to let out a dress
How to take in a dress
How to paint t-shirt

How To Make Soap
How to make Soap 2

Stitcherie/ Embroiderie
Designin Software For Cross Stitch and Bead Weaving
Stitch Index
Give Thanks Stitch A Long

Women Clothes
Paint Shirt With Modge Podge
Shirt Refashion Tuto
Knit Scarf
Plaid Shirt in to a Bikini
Newspaper Dress
Refashion your T-shirt
Prendas Publicas DIY Fashion and more 

Men Clothes
Weekend Designer for Men
How do you tie a tie

Made of Wood, Knock Knock
How To Build A Birdhouse
Peg Board Organizer
Stair Redo DIY

How to make a Origami Koi (video tuto)

and every thing else that I have to sort out
The best of DIY
All kind of Video Tutorials
List of Fashion Designers
Craft Projects
EHow (How To Site)
Wonder How To Site
DIY Diva 
Escama Studio Reclycled Sleek and More 

Get some insipration
Tiny Meat Etsy Shop
Soule Mama
Rock On Mommies
Matawi's Crea's
Afrigadgets (you should read this site)

How to write Hindi (in Dutch and English)
Wiki Words Languages

Study Links


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