Monday, March 29, 2010


I love Scheveningen. We stayed a couple of days in the Carlton Beach Hotel. First I show you the room and below you find some nice pictures from my walk along the beach at 06:20 till 7:10 in the morning. It's such nice to see how the light changes from night till day. The pictures look darker than it actually was. That because I used my flashlight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Madonna. Don't tell me and Ray of light.

Don't tell me.
Ray of light.

DJ Again/ Opnieuw begonnen met Sjaantje

Started my Dear Jane, for the 3th time. The first one was a falure, the blocks were made crap and were falling apart even by looking at them. The second try was a scrappy DJ. But non of the colors matched and it looked awefull.

Finally I started my 3th DJ, a green one. The tiny blocks are diificult to make but I love to work on it. I used a previous block M1 that I made on 9 july 2009 because its a nice block. So my start will be that date.

My first block looks horrible. I printed the wrong scales and my block was to tiny!!! I didn't want to redo it so I ajust a little piece of background fabric on it to make it the right size.

Voor de derde keer begonnen aan mijn Dear Jane.De eerste was een complete mislukking. De blokken waren zo waardeloos gemaakt dat ze al uit lekaar vielen als je er naar keek. :( De tweede, moest een scrappy DJ worden. Scrappy was het maar niet gelet op de verdeling van de kleuren en kleurtonen en de paar rijen die ik al had zagen er qua kleurstelling afschuwelijk uit.
Met veel moed begonnen aan mijn derde poging. Hoofdkleur groen. Blijft moeilijk om die kleine blokjes te maken maar het blijft heerlijk om aan te werken.
Mijn eerste blok zag er zo uit. I printte op de verkeerde maten en het blok werd veel te klein!!! Ik wilde geen nieuw blok maken dus ik heb achtergrond stof aan de zijkanten gemaakt om het passend te maken.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm the winner! Gewonnen!

I'm the winner. From a nice heart. Look on this blog and check out. Here you can see a picture of the price I won. I'm so happy!!! Picture of price
Simone is also owner of her own shop with nice stuff and lots of goodies. You really have to check out.

When I recieved the price I'll make a picture and tell you some more about Simones Shop. Thank you so much Simone for organizing this give-away and Tijmen thank so much also, you gave me luck!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My second sewingmachine

Is this a lovely sewing machine? It is a Brother and I learned sewing on it.
Is dit geen schattig machientje? Het is een Brother en op deze heb ik leren naaien.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Neo Geo

Ryuchi Sakamoto met Neo Geo
It took me some time to find this. When I was a teenager i listened a lot to the music from Ryuchi Sakamoto . And I loves this song Neo Geo. I still don't have a clou what they are singing but I like the melody and the sound. The man is a musician genius.

This is his site:  for the Japanese version click on his site on Japanese.


Last week I learned to origami.
I learned to make a box and also how to meake a crane. Did you know that in some cultures it is a tradition that when a family member or best friend is going to be married, to fold a thousand cranes! Oof, thats something!

You can find lots of origami folding instructions over here:
You can also go to and search for origami get a whole bunch of movies there.

Wel this is what I made..


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