Saturday, November 27, 2010

More dance flashmobs

I love dancing, and I love all the nice reactions I did get about the Diversity flashmob. Thanks!
For that I put here the most amazing flashmobs I found on the internet. Youtube is a great help by finding this amazing flashmobs.

No dance but a freeze flashmob, actually this was the first I ever watched. Before I didn't even know what a flashmob was.

And another crazy one, the no pants sunway ride 2K9. And they do this every year! Did you know there is also a no pants subway ride 2008 and 2010? Just crazy people, they make me laughing till I almost p*** my pants! :)

Diversity Flashmob. You got to see this.

This Flasmob is aboslutely AMAZING!
Please watch and enjoy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


This girls dress is made from a Bizzkids pattern. If you make it a bit shorter it can be used as a top.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Added new links

This time I added  only two to the MaksiTaksi 1001 Links and more Site but they are lots of fun to visit.
First the tutorials from A Very Purple Person
And the second is a Spanish site about fashion and DIY fashion and it's called Prendas Publicas

Have fun!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Go to the Donkey Blog :) In Greek and English!

She( her name is Katerina) is just back from a great trip to London. So no London recipes yet but... you really should try her awesome hazelnut biscuits with only 3 ingredients.

Click here and you are in a flash at the "Donkey and the Carrot" blog.

If you have great recipes , pictures, stories, tuto's of DIY's pleas contact me and maybe I will write about it on my blog. Al this great things on blogs make me happy and thats why I want to share it. :)

Απόψε θέλω να πιω/ Χάρις Αλεξίου

Apopse Thelo Na Pio

"Apopse thelo na pio" (Tonight I want to drink)
Music: Antonis Vardis
Lyrics: Sofia Argiropoulou
Voice: Haris Alexiou

Κοίτα τι έκανες

Μουσική: Αντώνης Βαρδής
Στίχοι: Σοφία Αργυροπούλου
Ερμηνεία: Χάρις Αλεξίου

Απόψε θέλω να πιω
τίποτα μετά να μη θυμάμαι
μέσα στον καπνό να παγιδευτώ
συνέπειες να μη φοβάμαι

Απόψε θέλω να πιω
θέλω να ξεφύγω από τα όριά μου.
Μέσα στον καπνό να εξομολογηθώ.
Για τα χαμένα όνειρά μου.

Θα ανάβω με τσιγάρα
θα σβήνω με ποτά...
τώρα που πήρα τη λαχτάρα
στάχτη να γίνουν όλα πια.

Απόψε θέλω να πιω...
Όλους κι όλα να τα διαγράψω.
Μέσα στον καπνό να εξαφανιστώ
πίσω να μην ξανακοιτάξω


I want to get drunk tonight
so I can remember nothing
trap myself in the smoke
and be afraid of nothing

I want to get drunk tonight
I want to exceed my limits
lost in the smoke, I want to confess
about my broken dreams

I'll set myself on fire with cigarettes
I'll set it out with drinks
now that everything is gone
I don't care even if doomsday comes

I want to get drunk tonight
so I can forget everyone and everything
disappear in the smoke
and never look back again



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