Monday, May 31, 2010

Recipe on Donkey and the Carrot site

You really should try this recipe, or at least take a look at it here:  The Donkey and the Carrot Recipe
And she has a great blog too!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Jane-C9/K9

C9-Jane's Tears and K9-Scouts Honor

DIY Home Made Yoghurt

I saw this recipe at Emma's Red Velvet Blog. So you can make your own yoghurt.
Emma has a awesome blog and I just spend already an hour reading...

For the Dutch readers I put another yoghurt recipe. Voor Nederlandse lezers een iets ander yoghurt receptje.
Wat heb je nodig:
Melk (Als je volle yoghurt wilt neem volle melk. Voor halvolle yoghurt neem halfvolle melk.)

Verse gewone yoghurt 
Lege fles of pot


Voor veel yoghurt heb je ook veel melk nodig maar om uit te proberen beginnen met 100 ml. Zo kan je ontdekken of het lukt en of je het lekker vind.

Melk in de pan en verwarm het tot 85 graden, wel blijven roeren.
Laat de melk weer afkoelen tot 40 graden.
Meng 2 theelepeltjes yoghurt door de melk. Als je meer yoghurt wilt maken is die twee theelepeltjes ook genoeg. De yoghurt zorgt ervoor dat de reactie in gang word gezet zodat de melk word omgezet tot yoghurt. Als je nu heel veel yoghurt wil maken doe er dan 1 of 2 lepeltjes extra bij om het proces goed op gang te laten komen

Zet dit op een warme plek, het is de bedoeling dat het ongeveer 40 graden blijft. Hier moet het 18 tot 24 uur blijven staan.
Bewaar de yoghurt na die tijd in de koelkast of op een koude plek.Zo voorkom je doorzuring.
En joepie!!! Je hebt Yoghurt!! Wil je vruchtenyoghurt, doe er dan wat aardbeien of  bramen in. Aardbeien kan je zelfs kweken binnen of op je balkonnetje.Zo heb je goedkoop heerlijke yoghurt gemaakt.

I'm looking for a very good and easy recipe for  ayran. This is Turkish Yoghurt.

                                                                        büyük ayran

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stevie Wonder

I love Stevie Wonder!
Especially the song Overjoyed.
Listen and Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Garden Angels

This quilt I made a while ago. I did the applique on the machine and boy it was tons of fun to do it!

Sorry , maybe the sun stripe bothers you, but it wil give a good impression anyway.

Halva or Halawa

It's called Halva or Halawa and I want to find some recepies with it. Do you have some for me?
This is Halawa with nuts but there is also a plain Halawa and one with chocolate!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Jane-A7/M7

A7- Dad's Plaids and M7- Junko's Garden
I did the M7 with freezerpapare but I always having trouble with the last part. When I take out the freezerpaper, my applique goes wrinkeling..Maybe some ironing will help.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update Josephs Coat Quilt

On my table there are leaves all over. Time to put some on my designwall and see how it gonna look.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Making old coasters new and modern.

How do you give your old coasters a new and modern look.
This is how you do it:

Look in all your cabinets for old ugly coasters.
Take a nice piece of fabric of a paper with a beautiful print.
Draw circles on the fabric or paper.
Then take your own home made look-a-like modge podge glue.
 You can find the recepie here:
Glue the coasters wel.
Put the fabric or papers on it and glue the edges extra.
Let it dry. If you want you can add something extra on your coasters. I did some Dutch mills and wooden shoes.
Let it dry.
Then put some glue all over your coasters and let it dry again.
Here are your beautiful new modern looking coasters.

To Celebrate!

I love to make flag with names on it. Its always a special gift for someones birthday don't you think?
Take care!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Made Modge Podge Look-a-Like Glue

Home Made Modge Podge Look-a-Like
1 3/4 Cup of water, 1/4 Cup of sugar, 1/4 Teaspoon (cinnamon) oil , 1/4 Cup flour (no matter wich you choose), 1/2 Teaspoon alum (powdered)
Put the sugar, flour and alum in a pan.
Add 1 cup water and keep stirring.
Boil it until clear and smooth but keep on stirring. Remove it from the heat.
Add water and oil. Use less water if you want more thickness. Stir until its mixed well.
Store your own home made glue in glass container with airtight lid.

Home Made Modge Podge Look-a-Like with some shine:
White glue, I use cheap glue voor wood and some water
Take 3 Cups of glue on 1 Cup of water or less but always use 3 to 1. (3:1)
Put some water, not to much and see if the thickness of the glue is ok for you.
Than add 2 theespoon of vernis( it has to be waterbased). Stirr it. Then put your home made glue in a glass container with an airtight lid.

Modge Podge Look-a-Like met wat glans:
Meng 3 delen witte lijm (goedkope houtlijm volstaat) op 1 deel water. (Dus 3 staat tot 1)
Voeg naar eigen inzicht water toe om de gewenste textuur en de dikte te krijgen.
Voeg 2 theelepels vernis (op waterbasis) toe voor de glans. Bewaar je zelfgemaakte lijm in een glazen pot met luchtdicht deksel.

Home Made Modge Podge Look-a-Like:
1/4 kopje suiker,
1/4 kopje bloem maakt niet uit welke,
1/2 theelepel gepoederde aluin,
1 3/4 kopje water,
1/4 theelepel olie (kaneelolie),
Doe suiker, bloem en aluin in een pan. Voeg geleidelijk aan 1 kop water toe, blijf roeren om klonten te verwijderen. Kook tot de substantie maar blijf roeren. Haal van het vuur en voeg water en olie toe. Gebruik minder water voor een dikkere lijm. Roer tot het goed is gemengd. Bewaar je zelfgemaakte lijm in een pot met luchtdichte deksel.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Working hard on Joseph's Coat Quilt

Working hard to cut out al the pieces for the Quilt Along of Joseph's Coat. It's a lot of work but its fun to do it. You can join too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks for the comments that you readers left on my blog. It always give me a big smile!
Love Hearts at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday Jane on Wednesday :))

A few days ago I promessed you more DJ blocks. Well I worked very hard last week. But first of all I want you to show how I choose the colors for my DJ blocks.
I made a schedule and every time I pick for blocks I want to make. Then I pick the color for these 4 blocks. On my schedule I glue a little piece of fabric when I'm done.

I Won a BIKE!!

Recently I won a bike. I won it at a National Lotery. It was also on tv but I didn't vieuw so I missed it. Then my neighbor told me that the whole street who joined the National Lotery has won a bike.
It's a cuty but it will take about 8 weeks before I receive my brand new bike.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giro d Italia

The Giro d'Italia did start in the Netherlands and Monday I had the change to see them, and I did!
Usually I'm not into sportsthings at all. But when you see those sportsmen real close it's awesome! And they did go really fast! Wow it impressend me so much.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Jane-I5

Only one block. I did work very hard at a few more blocks but have to take a picture of them. I'll show them later this week.
I5- Maria's Majesty

Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Summersong- Akon ft Zion

Akon ft Zion- I love the way she moves.

My son and I were listening to all kind of music, after a while we also listened to some old songs like Run DMC and 2Pac. Then DS found this song, he said "Mom listen, I think you gonna like it". And yes indeed I did!
I like the sound of this song. It reminds me of long summervacations in Italy or Spain.

Quilt Along Joseph's Coat

I've joined a Quilt Along. We going to make a quilt that's called Joseph's Coat.
Wanna join?
Go to and join the club!

This is how the top would be. This picture is not mine. It belongs to dontlooknow.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Three songs from Coldplay. I'm a fan of Coldplay since 2001
Don't panic and Don't panic with lyrics
The last song I like the most, Because we do live in "a beautiful world"!


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