Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gift Bag from Recycled Stuff Tutorial

A week before Christmas I visit a good friend. With Christmas in thought we spend almost all afternoon making giftbags. A mutual friend showed her how to make them.
It was so much fun to do that I want to share this with you.

You can use everything you want. felt, old wallpaper, newspapers, grocerybags, old plastic tableclothes and even fabrics.

If you are going to use felt or fabrics then it's better to sew instead of taping it. Even plastics can be sewed but I prefer taping.

Lets start.
Take a paper out of a newspaper and fold it in half. Or if you need little giftbags then cut it first.

Put tape on the open sides. Do not tape the top.

Fold the top over, (wich is the open end) and cut a handopening out.

And you finished your own made giftbag.

I also used the paper that wrapt around you paper for the copier.
Take paper or somethingh else.

For smaller ones cut it first.

Tape open sides, not the top.

Fold over.

Draw the opening and cut out.

Finished another gift bag.

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