Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lola-da-Lola Bag Tutorial

You need:
One charm pack (I used Neptune from Moda)
                           If you don't have a charmpack or you are just in your saving mode then use your scraps.
Fiberfill of a wooly fabric( I used a fabric from wool)
Lining (not so thin) I used a lining of jeansfabric
Handles ( I used jeans fabric)

Take your charmpack and cut a quarter of the fabrics in 4 squares. The other fabrics are for the strip round the squares. The best is to cut them into 3 strips and 1 strip you cut again in half. That is just enough for 1 square.

Then sew them together till you have 4 rows by 7 rows.
Like this:

Put fiberfill or wooly fabric underneith it and sew in the ditch like the way you want to.

Fold the fabric in half, now you can see I didn't use fiberfill. Sew the open sides together. Do not sew the top.

Push the corners flat, sew about 2 to 3 inches. After sewing cut the end of the corner, you don't need that anymore.

Then make the handles. Make them 30 inch long and about 4 inch wide.
I sew them simply together but sew them like you want to.

Take your lining and make it the same sizes as the outher bag. If you want you can ad an extra pocket of a magnet snap like I did. You can even ad a zipper.

Put the bag in the lining, take care that you have to good sides on each other. Place the handles en put them also inside.
Now you can sew. Make sure you leave a little gap to turn the bag inside out.
When you are finished stitchin , turn the bag trough the little gap you left.

Then stitch the top of the bag again at the outside. This way you stitch the gap and your bag is finished.

You can ad a gadget, like a stiched heart of star, even some embroideriework is nice a a baghanger.
Have fun with your self made Lola-da-Lola Bag.

Here you see I made also a bag organiser. The tutorial for this bag organiser is not finished but will be on this blog somewere this year.

Lots of sewing hugs!

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  1. Lieve Bianca, wat fijn dat ik je hier weer terug vind en ik vond het zó leuk om je dochter op de foto te zien,mijn kleindochters maken ook zulke vrolijke e foto's met vriendinnen. Ik wens jou en je dierbaren ook een heel gelukkig 2010 toe en ik heb me als volger toegevoegd.
    Lieve groeten van Corrie


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