Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Start quilting again...

Slowly I try pick up my quilting again. It is still dificult but I love the little pieces wich you don't have if you are making clothes. No charity quilts for a while, only quilts for friends and family. Joining a swap is also lots of fun.
Don't ya love this block? I do. You can use up al your srcaps in this one.


  1. Super cute. I want to try to learn quilting for the first time - do you find it is challenging?

  2. Sewing and quilting, perhaps the size of the pieces is really all about what you are making. I think I have used much smaller pieces in quilting, but perhaps not as I have reciently made Barbie clothes for Jessica.

    I do like the way this top is going together for you. Pretty.

  3. @ O Arrow. THank you. Yes quilting is a challenge. But one I like so much!
    @ Thank you Elizabeth. I once tried to make a miniquilt but that was way to difficult for me.


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