Friday, May 21, 2010

Making old coasters new and modern.

How do you give your old coasters a new and modern look.
This is how you do it:

Look in all your cabinets for old ugly coasters.
Take a nice piece of fabric of a paper with a beautiful print.
Draw circles on the fabric or paper.
Then take your own home made look-a-like modge podge glue.
 You can find the recepie here:
Glue the coasters wel.
Put the fabric or papers on it and glue the edges extra.
Let it dry. If you want you can add something extra on your coasters. I did some Dutch mills and wooden shoes.
Let it dry.
Then put some glue all over your coasters and let it dry again.
Here are your beautiful new modern looking coasters.

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  1. hoihoi,
    Wat een leuk idee. Ik zet hem bij mijn WIMmetjes;o)
    Groetjes Sylvia


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