Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long time no see.

There are some weeks, even months when you plan all kinds if things you have to do but at the end of the day, or the week, you have only done half of them. Sometimes life takes just over.

I made some celebrationflags, about 20 bibs in all kind of colors, made also 25 little rice pillows and 10 pair of fleece hot socks and worked at my Josephs Coat Quilt Along too.

Sorry that I don't have pictures. Normally I upload my pictures direct to my Facebook account, i can do that while I'm making the picture at the moment. But FB changed something so I can't download my pics anymore. So no more pics from me at facebook better keep them somewhere else. I think Facebook really sucks but what else to do if you want keep in contact with friends and family oversea.

In stead of quilting and sewing pictures I put some pictures from our balloon hunting last summer. :))


  1. up, up ans away in my beautiful balloon:)

  2. I love balloon watch. My old drive to work used to go past a test/trail flight path and those early mornings when everything is a haze of sleep and boredom it was almost magical to spot them. You could always tell the ones so buried in their commute that they didn't notice, but you could also see the excitement in the ones who notice what was going on outside of their cars.

  3. Nice to "see" you too. I was wondering where you were hiding. It seems you are having a busy time but not too busy to do some sewing as well. Can't wait to see the progress of your JC quilt.
    Vreni x


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