Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg in Windows 7

Windows 7 God Mode Easter Egg
I did not discover this, I got it from a tweet that Rob Conery put out there. Thank you, Rob!
I don’t know if this is a Windows 7 hack or if this is available in other operating systems.

1.Create a new folder on your desktop
2.Name the new folder:

The new folder will change into this icon.

Clicking your shiny new icon will result in a new window that gives shortcut access to the myriad of configuration and administration utilities in Windows that I always seem to need to hunt down.

Opening one of these nodes will provide direct access to the associated utils.

Weird, isn’t it?
It makes me wonder what other Easter eggs are in there


  1. Surprise, Surprise. Now I ask you why couldn't they just have made something like that standard?

  2. Erg grappig. Net heel de cijfercode opgenoemd aan manlief en hij is er blij mee :-)
    Tja... hoe kom je er aan he :-)

  3. @Elizabeth, I really don't know, but I do like when they build in little surprizes like this.

    @Sabine, Ik was ook verrast. Ooit toen ik nog een Palm handheld had was daar ook iets met een Easter Egg die veranderde in een rijdende taxi. (I was surpised myself too. Quit a time a go, when I owned a Palm handheld there was also some trick with an Easter Egg that changed in a driving Taxi! :)) )


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